Crowd-Sourced Adventures

What is a crowd-sourced adventure?

It's a Sherlock Holmes short story written in a single short evening by an enthusiastic group of volunteers using a Facebook page, frequently working at cross-purposes, building on each other's suggestions sentence by sentence and having a great time. To date, four crowd-sourced evenings have taken place. Here are the stories!

The instructions (2016 version)

Just about ready to start this year's Crowd-Sourced Sherlock Holmes Story event! I'll post the first sentence on this page at 8:00 (ET) sharp, and then somebody will think of a second sentence and post it as a comment, and then somebody (you?) will add the third sentence . . .

Please post only one sentence at a time (or two very short ones if they need to go together). After you've provided a sentence, please wait until at least two other people have taken a turn, before you chime in again.

This story is meant to be from the original Sherlock Holmes universe of the 1880s-1890s, so please, no aliens, time travellers, Belstaff coats, cellphones, Nazis, or New York brownstones.

Lurkers are welcome too, but please consider getting involved at least briefly. We'll wind things up in a maximum of two hours.

Here are the stories to date

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